What’s new in 2018 for a Web Designer?


Websites are considered the most prominent means to connect to the internet so web designer in Bangalore is taken more seriously than ever before. We are now eighteen years into the new millennium and the way web designers have continued to cope with increasing arduous technical obstacles are still managing to create websites that are clear, innovative, user-friendly, consistent and have corporate styles that are adaptable to every conceivable device and are just beautiful, all at once.

Previous years saw a boom of advancements like smart phone usage overtaken from the desktop usage. This means current year is going to have to fully utilize mobile-friendly functionality in ways we have never seen before. With that entirely in mind, let’s have a closer look at some notable web design trends coming poised to take over in 2018. We will also discuss which technologies Website Design in Bangalore companies opts along with some insight into working of Indian IT industry.

More adventurous colors:

This year is definitely the year for super excess colors online. While in the past many brands and designers were stuck with web-safe colors, more designers are becoming courageous in their approach to color and are trying to incorporate supersaturation and vibrant shades amalgamated with headers that are no longer just horizontal but re-imagined with slashes and hard angles.

Mobile First:

As described earlier, mobile usage has surpassed the usage of traditional desktops. Almost everyone these days is totally dependent on mobile from banking to shopping, people are choosing mobile platform over a desktop. As it was a clunky process, web designers are working to incorporate more mobile friendly designs in order to cope up with the needs.

Bigger and Bolder Typography:

Typography has always been a brawny visual tool because of its ability to create and evoke emotions while portraying imperative information. And now, because device resolutions are getting easier and sharper to read, web designers expect a giant increase in the use of custom fonts. Many browsers are supporting hand-made typefaces that are enabled by CSS for web browsers.

The era of Animations:

With the advancement in browser technology, more and more websites are moving from static images to animations in order to engage users in their communication approach. Unlike the particle animations, smaller animations are more helpful for engaging the visitants throughout their entire experience on the page. Say animations can be taken in use when the page is loading, or you can show interesting animatronics hovering on your website. Animations can also be incorporated to work with navigation, scrolling or as the focal point of the entire website.

Between the bright colours, integrated animations and bold gradients 2018 are gearing up to be one of the most precious years for web designers. And in some months left in the ending of 2018, we are looking further to see what web designers are going to come up with and how they are going to thrust the limits and give you the fully updated website for your business like Future Revolution.

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