Recruitment Management System

Recruitment Management System

Getting the right person for your job is an important task. The recruitment process is one of the main ones taking place in an organization as it determines the talent pool in the organization which thus determines productivity and growth. In this competitive world, it becomes extremely important for an organization to spot the right talent in the market and then connecting and recruiting it.

A Recruitment Management System consists of all the tools which are made use of in the management of the recruitment process, from start to finish. It consists of an applicant tracking system which sorts through the pool of job applications and determines the right candidate. Also comes the customer relationship management function which includes maintaining constant contact with the applicants. in addition to this, RMS consists of software which helps in the tracking and ranking of applicants, sorting through the various needs and employer’s workforce.

Modern Technology in Recruitment Management System:

Machine learning has been making inroad in many organizational processes recently. It has also found its way in the recruitment machinery.

A recruiting software makes use of machine learning in the following ways:

1) Job Posting: Manually writing and placing job advertisements is a tedious task. Machine learning analyzes language patterns in job advertisements. This can provide valuable data for shaping up your advertisement in a more lucrative way. The software can also automatically optimize ads based on recruiter’s needs.

2)Sorting Applications: Going through various applications can be a really time-consuming process. Using machine learning, a software can sort through loads of CV’s based keywords suggesting the necessary skills and experience. This way, the candidates can be easily shortlisted.

3)Candidate Relationship Management(CRM): It is a way to manage and improve the relationship with present candidates as well as the prospective or future ones. The most common example of this is a chatbot. An AI-powered chatbot keeps on sending messages and answering queries to keep the candidate engaged and informed about the recruitment process. This improves as the chatbot receives more and more data.

4)Anti Bias Technology: It can be used to remove gender bias which has been an increasing problem in recent times. Also sometimes, a recruiter may favour a graduate of a certain university and a more talented candidate might not get the job. The technology can exclude this limitation and lead to equal opportunity for all.

Advanced workforce analytics can help recruiters manage costs and the talent pool in the organisation. Top performers can easily be recognised and rewarded which leads to job satisfaction and a healthy spirit of competition among the other employees. It can predict the risks so that steps can be taken to minimize the damage afterwards. Workforce analytics is an integral part of a recruitment system which serves the 3 point purpose of talent acquisition, retention and nurture. The recruiting costs are thus spent in the right direction and on the right candidate instead of a large number of undeserving ones.

Recruiting management isn’t a difficult task and does not require any additional skills as such. Hence, it can be easily incorporated in the existing organizational structure. The key is selecting and applying a recruitment software which fits your organization the best. Because after all, you would want a system which works in the same values and spirit as you work. You will want a software which is like an extension, something just branching out from your everyday work, just another part.

It’s plain and simple, really you need to find the best candidates, you need to recruit the best candidates, and you need to present the best candidates. If you don’t, then there is no way you can place the best candidates.

Recruitment systems are increasingly becoming user-friendly. For example, nowadays, candidates can easily create and maintain their resumes on sites like LinkedIn and need only provide a link to the same to the recruiter. Online recruitment systems create a one-stop solution to all of the problems of both the recruiter as well as the employee. 

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