Bidding Goodbye to Google Plus


Google launched Google+ or Google plus nearly eight years back i.e. in the year 2011. Date launched: 28 June 2011 Created by Vic Gundotra, Bradley Horowitz. Written in: Java, JavaScript.

Google is a search engine while Google plus is a social network designed by Google. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and to link google products like YouTube. Google plus has features like posting pictures, updating status, interest-based communities, groups & circles, multi-person instant messaging, video chats called hangouts, events, tags, editing and uploading into the cloud. Accessed from androids, tablets, and laptops.

Google plus is an information network than a social network. Facebook was created to socialize whereas google plus is to find people of similar interest and thoughts.

Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page said: “If you ignore Google Plus, Google Search will ignore you”!



  ➢ There is an approx 5000 maximum friend limit on every Google+ profile.

 ➢ Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook joined Google+ just after its launch and he has more followers than Larry Page, founder of Google, who currently has the second most followers on G+.

 ➢ Google+ Hangouts work with Google Translate to make multi-language communication possible instantly. Skype doesn’t support this, nor does the new Facebook Video Calling.

 ➢ With a Google+ account, you get unlimited photo storage on Picasa, instead of the 1GB storage, you get without a Google+ account.


Initially google plus was introduced to challenge facebook but lately, it helped in search engine optimization that helps in social marketing, website optimization, and other digital marketing strategies.


How? Google Plus helps in SEO. Google+ content gets indexed immediately and shows up in google search results. It is one of the most essential search engine marketing tools for businesses and even personal branding.

■ Sharing post on Google plus will not only help you to rank but also drive traffic to your websites.

■ Engaging online communities that help in building a relationship.

■ Drive more people attracting influencers and organizations.

■ Freelancers to work & new subscribers.

Online Reputation Management


Let’s discuss Few Pros and Cons:

  • Free service, easy to join and no Ads
  • Google plus provides you video conferencing options that help in face to face interactions with clients to lock your business deals building more trust.
  • It’s easy to follow people and comment, helping in making your personality go viral between high profile people.
  • SEO friendly website
  • Google plus makes you visible to all, Lack of Privacy.
  • Google plus is available for professional work rather than entertainment sites like Facebook.

It’s announced that Google plus will be shutting down in the coming few months. It was planned August 2019 but now instead it’s been preponed and officially declared to April 2019 due to a new security bug. The company clarified that ‘photos and videos uploaded on Google Photos would not be deleted from the service. Google account-linked like Gmail and YouTube too would continue to work and only the Google Plus account would be removed ’.


Following reasons for shutting down:

  • One of the major reason is a data breach, approximately about 500,000 accounts private information was illegally used by many developers. This was held in March 2018 during the facebook scandal. Google didn’t reveal this for months but later stated that nothing as such took place. So this issue led to an investigation.
  • Secondly, minimal numbers of users. When Google plus was introduced in June 2011, Facebook and Twitter were pretty popular wherein GooglePlus had a huge competition. They made several attempts in attracting users that resulted in less crowd but more passionate communities. Users across the world are least bothered except few communities looking forward to a new platform.


So in a few coming months, google plus will be completely shut, The users have to export all their data which is time-consuming. In order to make this process easy google newly launched a platform called “Takeout” which helps the whole procedure move smoothly as we are running out of time.

Though Google plus promised to be a competition to facebook it turned to remain a social media platform. Despite having a dedicated team, unfortunately, it’s being officially closed. Google will take time to replace Google plus by another site. Google plus will join the list of Google projects and the service that has been taken away.

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