Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


Why should you consider affiliate and influencer marketing for your business?

In the world of business and technology, there are new terms that relate both such as digital marketing, SEO friendly website development, ORM etc. You can bridge the gap furthermore because of the intervention of technology, or let us say because of digitalization.

According to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing can be viewed as a system that spreads product creation and marketing crosswise different parties where each party shares the revenue as per their contributionand that is why an Affiliate Equation has two sides:

  1. The product creator and seller (Affiliate Marketing Merchant)
  2. The affiliate marketer

There are 4 parts of affiliate marketing:

  1. Merchant – it can be an individual who is an entrepreneur and pitches online courses and consulting programs on digital marketing career or an organization, creator of a brand.
  2. Affiliate – Affiliates are also known as the publishers, distributors or advertisers. They can likewise go from a single individual to whole organizations.
  3. Consumer – As we all know, consumers let the affiliate framework go round and offer the results
  4. Network – affiliates need to go through an affiliate network to try and have the capacity to promote the product efficiently. The network then additionally fills in as a database of lots of products, and out of those products, affiliates can pick the one (or more than one) they want to promote.

Affiliate marketing is a key strategy for any business. If a product is attested by several e-commerce sites, it is bound to generate a favourable response from the consumer. This gives an edge among all those dealers dealing in similar products. Affiliate marketing can be crucial to the business in the following ways:

1. Being an affiliate of the popular products which are already well established in the market can serve as a source of passive income. There is no need for much advertising in this case and it can be used to gain more online customers which in turn increases the site traffic.

  1. It is much easier than starting your own company and then launching a product of your own, which will consume time and money to get established. Starting out on your own also involves a lot of risks. One needs to invest money for the entire business operation, unlike Affiliate Marketing where you make use of other people’s products and apply marketing strategies of your own.
  2. Affiliate Marketing is not at all complicated. One just needs to sign a company’s Affiliate program, build an affiliate site and use the given link to connect to the company’s web page. The commission is given if users the company gains consumers through that link.
  3. The profits gained in affiliate marketing are a portion of those well-established firms. Also, these establish companies provide high and stable commission.

Now, people have also been talking about influencer marketing along with affiliate marketing and how these two work together. We can even say that affiliate marketing makes use of influencers.  Influencer Marketing is like a hybrid of old and new marketing tools, taking the idea of celebrity endorsement and placing it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. The main difference is that the results of the campaign are usually collaborations between brands and influencers.

Let us talk about how both these ways of marketing can help your business. With the increase of social media platforms, there has been an inclination in influencer marketing with an increase of Google searches by 325%. Influencer marketing has grown rapidly and brands are still increasing spend, but the affiliate marketing industry offers an opportunity to incorporate a new revenue stream into your earnings alongside current activities.

There are a number of ways to promote advertisers using tracking links via an affiliate marketing network:

  1. Complement an existing campaign: If you’re running a campaign for fashion retailer X posting content and stories, by including links to buy the products you’re promoting the user is able to view and purchase the item directly. Ensure these links are all tracked affiliate links, and any subsequent purchase can be attributed back to the website the user came through and a commission can be rewarded accordingly. The tracking links will also record clicks – another layer to reporting on interactions and insights.
  2. Link to a product or brand you love: If you’ve just bought something you love and want to alert your followers too, share your post or story and add a shoppable link for those who want to buy it too. Always make sure any affiliate activity is clearly identified as a shoppable link for which you will receive a commission and follows disclosure guidelines.

Affiliate marketing offers a broad range of technology and tracking options that can diversify the way a publisher or influencer works within online marketing.

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