How to improve Conversion Rate for your Business

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Do you know the motive behind the formation of a website? Driving traffic to the website is considered to be the aim but traffic is of no use if it doesn’t get you leads.  The conversion of traffic into a transaction is vital to accomplishing the sales and revenue target of your concern.

In reality, only some fragment of visitors turn up as a customer and enhance sales.  Let us check out things to do to improve the conversion rate for the betterment of your venture.

Call to action

  • First of all, assess what you want users to do and this is said to be called to action.  It could purchase your product, sign up, create an account and for implementation there are buttons like add to cart, buy now, add to basket etc.  They are called to action button  and  read out how can you  encourage visitors to your site to press then and avail your services:
  • Locate call to action button on a plane easy to sight.
  • The user should be aware of where to click. The colour of the call to action button should be captivating. Usage of text like know more, find more etc to encourage users is advised.

Landing page

A landing page has the immense calibre to boost the conversion rate of your website.   Style, content, layout and functionality of landing page play a key role in a conversion rate of the website. It should be crafted in a manner to enhance the interest of users and should be sufficient to depict all about in precise to the users.

It should include the necessary information about the business; reveal the credibility of your products along with benefits.  Share your numbers rather in terms of achievements, no of customers, sales etc.

Analyze and target your visitors

Have an insight over visitors and check out the category they fall in- organic visitor, revisiting visitors, visitors via add etc. Make them updated and valued by sending latest addition and other info regarding your venture and its products.

Make your Customers Feel special

A gesture of gratitude lays a strong foundation to a quality relationship which is also beneficial in increasing the conversion rate. Just thank them whenever they browse your website, follow and like you on social media irrespective of purchase being done or not.

Frequent reminder 

The more you see, the more you will remember. Consequently, keep on reminding users about your products.  It is a human tendency to forget things easily that are out of sight.

Pre-purchase Assistance

Provide all information and respond to their queries with respect to your products.  It can actually do wonders by impressing people to the stage of buying products and thereby improve the conversion ratio.

Demo of Your Product

Eradicate the limitation of online marketing and give them the demo of the product to acquaint them with the product easily.

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