Content Marketing Cycle – Few Significant Steps Towards Success

Content marketing involves marketing, generating and posting of online content such as blogs, social media posts, videos etc which aims to influence and generate interest of users in its endorsements. Content marketing does not promote a brand rather it aims in spreading awareness about the product. Whilst content marketing cycle is a six-step approach of Digital Marketing Services beginning with a realization of reason to create content to the result.  ” It involves listen; decide on themes, content creation, promotion, measure results, recycle or repurpose.” Each step of its cycle produces some benefits to the entrepreneur.

Detailed study of various steps of content marketing cycle-

  • Research – It is the first and primary step of the content marketing cycle and it begins with the conceptualization of the idea of starting a business and blueprint of it. One should accentuate his customers, their needs, desires and what kind of content should be created to impress customers. Here is when the strategy about keyword and search engines works to drive traffic to your website.

Based on the research, many entrepreneurs create a persona of their customers.  This research is used to create plan and publication for their venture.  This comprises of articles, their titles, videos publishing depending upon the search of the customer.

  • Content creation– The latter step once done effectively makes the step of the creation of content much easier and it can be outsourced too.  In outsourcing content videos, audio, graphics etc are shared with the creative person or writer with the deadline.  The end products or content by the content writers may then be used in the desired way.
  • Optimization – Content optimization is no more about deciding of a keyword. It is more concentrated on a specific audience to built up the trust and establish a relationship between the two. Content should be well written, free from grammatical errors, formatting etc. and should be easy to understand as well as relatable to encourage customers to press the call to action button. Call to action button is a confirmation of conversion and involves buttons like buy now, add to cart, add to basket and sign up, read more etc.  Interesting as well as informative images are a significant part of content optimization which easily expresses your venture.
  • Publish – The next step in the content marketing cycle post content creation is publishing.  The created content may be published on social media platforms and website or blogs. While some content is published on YouTube, Amazon Kindle, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Promote– All contents created should be promoted. The promotion of content starts with creating customized content crafted for the specific audience, its optimization with an ideal keyword, titles, and images which is then made available to read on various online platforms through Social media marketing.
  • Measures– It is vital to keep a check on results of content. Various tools may be used to evaluate the efficiency of content but Google Analytic and Native Analytic are best for social media platforms.  Check the results at least quarterly after posting any kind of content for better results in future.
  • Reuse/ Repeat/ Repurpose-The more amusing results you get from any content, the more you can reuse or repeat it on other channels.

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