Google Algorithms

Google- algorithms

To begin with, let us look at what an algorithm is. In simple words, an Algorithm is a set of instructions which are followed to solve a problem with a computer. Now, for example, you have searched something on Google… Continue Reading


7 Career paths to look at if you are Technophobic

7 career paths to look at if you are Technophobic

It is not an unknown fact that technology is evolving each day with new upgrades every now and then. We have come to interact with robots, turn our day to day life automated using software, devices, sensors etc. With the… Continue Reading


Content Marketing Cycle – Few Significant Steps Towards Success

Content marketing involves marketing, generating and posting of online content such as blogs, social media posts, videos etc which aims to influence and generate interest of users in its endorsements. Content marketing does not promote a brand rather it aims… Continue Reading